When it was announced late last year that Dumbo was also getting a live action remake, I couldn’t help but be excited! As only the fourth film released by Walt Disney Animation Studios in 1941, it helped set the standard for the almost eight decades worth of films that have since been released.

Regardless of the fact it was released more than 50 years before the other Disney films I grew up with, it was still a movie I enjoyed greatly as a child. How could it not be!? It’s a perfect example of a feel good film and teaches us not to be ashamed of what makes us different.

I must admit though, until a few days ago I had completely forgotten about the movie. If Disney hadn’t released the sneak peek on their YouTube Channel, It could have been a while before I remembered that this was happening.

Source: Walt Disney Studios.

I am keen to see how this movie turns out. On top of a story I know and love, the trailer looks amazing, the cast is full of incredibly talented actors and the CGI in the trailer alone looks like it’s going to make the movie even more adorable than it already is. I am also excited to find out who watches it more when it comes out, families or young adults/adults who grew up watching the movie.

What are your thoughts?

Will you see the movie or do you think it will ruin the original for you?

Dumbo Trailer:

Source: Walt Disney Studios.

Featured Image Source: Entertainment Weekly.

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