Fozen 2 Trailer Review.

(Source: Walt Disney Animation Studios.) I am going to be completely honest. I've NEVER actually seen the first Frozen movie. I watched a school production of it once, but that's about it. I don't dislike the movie, I was just never interested in it enough to want to go see it. That being said though, I … Continue reading Fozen 2 Trailer Review.

Dumbo (2019) Sneak Peek/ Trailer Review.

When it was announced late last year that Dumbo was also getting a live action remake, I couldn't help but be excited! As only the fourth film released by Walt Disney Animation Studios in 1941, it helped set the standard for the almost eight decades worth of films that have since been released. Regardless of … Continue reading Dumbo (2019) Sneak Peek/ Trailer Review.