After the release of the Aladdin and Lion King remakes, and the announcement of the future release of Mulan and The Little Mermaid remakes, the question of what is going to be remade next has become a popular one. I read an article recently that gave a rather interesting answer to that question, stating that Disney is planning on remaking the 2002 film Treasure Planet.

Based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, Treasure Planet is about a boy named Jim Hawkins who is entrusted with and solves a map to a treasure planet, a planet which he read stories about as a child. When he journeys to the planet, he gets caught in the middle of more than he bargained for.

For a more in depth plot summary, click here to view the trailer.

Although Treasure Planet didn’t make a great deal of money in its initial run, it is my opinion that it would be the perfect movie to remake if it’s done well. Because it’s currently not the most popular film to currently exist, there’s potential to appeal to a wider audience and even appeal to those who didn’t enjoy it the first time. On top of this, a remake would be a good opportunity to take the movie’s biggest strength and run with it. Treasure Planet was an extremely visually appealing movie, and because the technology used to make animated movies has dramatically improved since it came out, there’s a strong chance it could look even better the second time around.

What I’m most excited to see from a Treasure Planet remake is whether or not it stays true to the original film. Remakes tend to fail when they start to mess too much with the original story line. In this case however, I’m not sure they need to. Since the original wasn’t so well received, all I think they need to do is keep the original characters and the important pieces of the story line, and make sure it stays true to Treasure Island.

What about you? Would you like to see a Treasure Planet remake? If so, do you think they need to stay true to the original move or just Treasure Island?

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