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In the last few weeks, test footage was released giving us a look at Robert Pattinson donning an updated version of the traditional Batsuit. The release of this video on-top recently released set photos have all but confirmed discussions about the new suit being based off the suit from The Long Halloween comic, illustrated by Tim Sale.

I was originally hoping the showrunners would choose Batman Beyond as their inspiration, finally bringing the capeless, black and red wing suit to the big screen, exposing younger fans to more of the Batman storyline yet to be seen on film. Had it been chosen, it would have been the furthest the suit has ever stryed from the original black and grey, likely making it a film fans would remember.

That being said, I do like suit so far. There’s not really that much I can say about it just yet considering the test footage only showed the suit from the chest up. I’m just glad that the suit doesn’t have George Clooney style bat nipples. That’s the one suit I hope they don’t draw inspiration from.

Want more? Click here to see what I had to say about Robert Pattinson’s announcment as the new Batman.

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